Together from start to finish

Audax 22,5 Stockholm is a select society within Sweden’s largest bicycle club Fredrikshof IF, based in Stockholm. The  purpose of Audax 22,5 Stockholm is to provide opportunities for cyclists who want to ride together in a group at a pre-determined speed.

The society was formed on 14 July 2004.

The speed chosen is an average of 22.5 kph, which is the speed laid down in the rules of L’Union des Audax Français (U.A.F).

This is not to be confused with British or Australian style Audax-riding which on this website is called randonneur riding.
Every Saturday at 08:90 from Norrvikens IP Sollentuna.

Perhaps ”audacious” is not the first word that springs to mind when you see the rather slow moving group of audax cyclists. But that is how the first riders were regarded when they ventured on a long ride between sun up and sun down. Read more in section History.